Develop Intelligent Experiences with Adobe Sensei

Consume, Compose, Extend

Adobe Sensei services are available as both APIs and Adobe I/O Runtime functions. Developers can run custom code to create their own workflows, integrations, and applications, adding AI-based intelligence to the digital experiences they create.

The first available Adobe Sensei services are related to content: understanding and editing images for asset reuse, and automating asset production and personalization at scale.

Sound good? We’re making Adobe Sensei services available to a select group of Beta participants to learn more and get feedback.


Increase Content Velocity

Adobe Sensei rapidly analyzes content, letting you automate repetitive tasks and dramatically accelerate critical processes. 
Digital Fractal Realms


By executing Adobe Sensei as APIs or as functions on Adobe I/O Runtime, your code is extendable. You can adapt the AI to your specific requirements through custom trained models.


You can create compositions using Adobe Sensei services or Adobe Sensei functions. For example, you can create a workflow that automatically ingests images, crops the images, and checks the image quality.

The current list of Adobe Sensei services available:

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Auto Tag

An image recognition service returning tags that describe the image and confidence index
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Auto Crop

A 'content-aware' image cropping service that understands the image and where to crop around the object based on your specifications.
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Body Crop

Related to Auto Crop, this service crops around specific body parts
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Image Cutout

Select the foreground and background in an image for use in image composition, such as background replacement.
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Image Quality

Score image quality with professional dimensions: quality, balancing element, color harmony, interesting content, depth of field, object emphasis, repetition, rule of thirds, and symmetry.
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Color Swatch

Automatic computation of image swatches based upon prominent colors and patterns.
Adobe Sensei services is in private beta
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