Go Serverless with Adobe: Run Custom Code, Extend Our Cloud Platform

Server not required

The Adobe I/O Runtime is a serverless platform that allows you to quickly deploy custom code to respond to events and execute functions right in the cloud, all with no server set-up required.

Developers can run code on top of our Cloud solutions, bringing Adobe services together with APIs. The functions run in close proximity to the content and data already stored with Adobe, making it quick and easy to create a custom solution.

We’ve built Adobe I/O Runtime on top of Apache OpenWhisk, an open source project incubating at the Apache Software Foundation. We're active contributors to OpenWhisk.

Adobe I/O Runtime is currently in beta. Stay informed of Adobe I/O Runtime updates by filling out the form below and we will send you an email.

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Pre-integrated with Adobe I/O Events and API Gateway, you will have easy, secure and fast access to Adobe APIs.
Command Line


Based on OpenWhisk and node.js, the Adobe I/O Runtime runs any JavaScript code in Adobe's Cloud Platform.
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Deploy actions from Github, Adobe I/O Console, or the Command line, enabling rapid development and continuous integration and deployment.
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Embedded Adobe API

Gain direct use of Adobe's APIs and services. Easily access your content and data stored in Adobe's Cloud Platform, and run code in response to Adobe I/O Events
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Automatic Scaling

Write your code, we manage the rest. The Adobe I/O Runtime automatically scales based on requests keeping performance high and costs low.
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Code in JavaScript, run in Node.js

Use what you know and love: Javascript and node.js. Use npm and test locally. There's no need to learn a whole new framework.
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Continuous Integration & Deployment

Use Git for an integrated deployment workflow so you don't have to push code manually. Increase software quality and velocity of delivery.
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Powered by OpenWhisk

Based on Apache OpenWhisk, the Adobe I/O Runtime is backed by a large open source community focused on improving cloud technology.
Stay informed of Adobe I/O Runtime updates
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