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Adobe Cloud Platform

Adobe Cloud Platform: The Platform for the Experience Business

Made for the World's Best Experiences

The world's best digital experiences are made with Adobe's products. The Adobe Cloud Platform is the technology behind Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud, and Adobe Experience Cloud.

Adobe's customers, partners, and Open Source developers can use technology from the Adobe Cloud Plaforms to extend and embed Adobe product functionality, to build web apps, mobile apps, or completely new digital experiences.

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Beyond Touch

The Adobe Cloud Platform is a mobile-first development platform, with dedicated SDKs for mobile app development – but with support for voice, VR and AR, it reaches beyond touch.
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Cloud Native

As a true cloud native platform, the Adobe Cloud Platform uses technologies like Serverless, API-First, and Event-driven architectures to enable scalable extensibility.
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Intelligence Everywhere

Built on a foundation of content and data (the heart and soul of every digital experience), the Adobe Cloud platform brings intelligence into every product, every feature, and every experience through Adobe Sensei.
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Open Ecosystem

Encouraging our partners and customers to drive innovation in an open ecosystem is a key motivator behind marketplaces like Adobe Exchange and our contributions to Open Source.

APIs for Adobe products

Developers can integrate and extend Adobe products through the Adobe APIs, which are made available for developers through the Adobe I/O Console.

Event-based integrations

Adobe enables event-driven integrations using Adobe I/O Events and WebHooks. Don't make API calls, get called by Adobe when something relevant happens.

Bring your own code

You can run code inside the Adobe Cloud Platform using the Adobe I/O Runtime, which provides a serveless runtime for integration code.
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