Adobe Cloud Platform: the Platform for the Experience Business

Create compelling apps and experiences faster by leveraging software libraries and services on the Adobe Cloud Platform and connecting with Adobe’s developer ecosystem.

About Adobe Cloud Platform

Unified components and services

Adobe Cloud Platform includes components for client-side and server-side development built on a common foundation. Depending on your needs, components are delivered as libraries in an SDK or as micro-services with RESTful APIs. 

Mobile, web and desktop support

Adobe Cloud Platform supports mobile, web and desktop applications. Applications can use Adobe’s libraries for user interfaces and can connect with Adobe's cloud services through the Adobe I/O Gateway using curated APIs.

Adobe Cloud Platform
Adobe Cloud Platform

One Adobe technology platform

Adobe I/O unifies Adobe APIs including interaction services delivering identity management, workflows, and messaging.

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Adobe developer ecosystem & Open source

As an active participant in open source efforts, our developers are as passionate about open source as you are. Across Adobe, teams are participating, contributing and leading open source projects to make our products more innovative, easier to integrate, and more interesting to developers. Our code is your code. Let’s build something great together.

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Adobe Cloud Platform