iOS Device Versions

The following table contains the iOS version string sent by many iOS devices.

This list is based on internal tests and information found online, and might contain inaccuracies or incomplete information. Additional details on iOS devices are available online at sites such as The iPhone Wiki.

iPhone Version
Original iPhone1,1
3G iPhone1,2
3GS iPhone2,1
4 (GSM) (shipped with firmware 4.0) iPhone3,1
4 (GSM) (shipped with firmware 6.0) iPhone3,2
4 (CDMA) iPhone3,3
4S iPhone4,1
5 (GSM) iPhone5,1
5 (CDMA) iPhone5,2
5s (GSM) iPhone6,1
5s (Global) iPhone6,2
5c (GSM) iPhone5,3
5c (Global) iPhone5,4
6 iPhone7,2
6 Plus iPhone7,1
iPod Touch Version
1st generation iPod1,1
2nd generation iPod2,1
3rd generation iPod3,1
4th generation iPod4,1
5th generation iPod5,1
iPad Version
Original iPad1,1
iPad 2 iPad2,1
iPad 2 GSM iPad2,2
iPad 2 CDMA iPad2,3
iPad 2 (New 16gb) iPad2,4
iPad mini, WiFi iPad2,5
iPad mini, GSM iPad2,6
iPad mini, Global version (the same as the GSM iPad mini, but includes an additional cellular radio: CDMA EV-DO Rev. A and Rev. B (3.5G) ) iPad2,7
iPad 3 WiFi iPad3,1
iPad 3 CDMA iPad3,2
iPad 3 GSM iPad3,3

iPad 4 WiFi

iPad 4GSM iPad3,5
iPad 4, Global version (the same as the GSM 4th gen iPad, but includes an additional cellular radio: CDMA EV-DO Rev. A and Rev. B (3.5G) ) iPad3,6
iPad Air, WiFi iPad4,1
iPad Air, Cellular iPad4,2
iPad Air CDMA iPad4,3
iPad mini retina (2nd generation), WiFi iPad4,4
iPad mini retina (2nd generation), Cellular iPad4,5
iPad Mini 2 (China) iPad4,6
iPad Mini 3 (Wi-Fi) iPad4,7
iPad Mini 3 (CDMA) iPad4,8
iPad Mini 3 (GSM) iPad4,9
iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi) iPad5,3
iPad Air 2 (LTE) iPad5,4

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