Visitor Lifetime Value

Lifetime value lets you measure and target on a lifetime value for each user.

Each time you send in a value with trackLifetimeValueIncrease, the value is added to the existing value. Lifetime value is stored on device and can be retrieved at any time by calling lifetimeValue. This can be used to store lifetime purchases, ad views, video completes, social shares, photo uploads, and so on.

How to Track

Prerequisites: Add the library to your project and implement lifecycle.

  1. Import the library:
  2. Call trackLifetimeValueIncrease with the amount to increase the value:
    [ADBMobile trackLifetimeValueIncrease:increaseAmount data:nil];

Sending Additional Data

In addition to the lifetime value, you can send additional context data with each track action call:

NSMutableDictionary *contextData = [NSMutableDictionary dictionary];
[contextData setObject:imageName forKey:@"myapp.ImageLiked"];
[ADBMobile trackLifetimeValueIncrease:increaseAmount data:contextData];

Context data values must be mapped to custom variables in Adobe Mobile services:


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