Event Serialization

Event serialization is not supported by processing rules. In the mobile SDK, you must use a special syntax within the context data parameter to set serialized events directly on the server call.

See Event Serialization.

[contextData setObject:@"eventN:serial number" forKey:@"&&events"];

For example:

//create a context data dictionary
NSMutableDictionary *contextData = [NSMutableDictionary dictionary];
// add events
[contextData setObject:@"event1:12341234" forKey:@"&&events"];
// send the tracking call - use either a trackAction or TrackState call.
// trackAction example:
[ADBMobile trackAction:@"action" data:contextData];
// trackState example:
[ADBMobile trackState:@"State Name" data:contextData];

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