Information to help you use the iOS SDK with Adobe Analytics.

  • Track App States
    States are the different screens or views in your application. Each time a new state is displayed in your application (for example, when a user navigates from the home page to the news feed), you should send a track state call. On iOS, a state is typically tracked in the viewDidLoad method of each view.
  • Track App Actions
    Actions are the events that occur in your app that you want to measure. Each action has one or more corresponding metrics that are incremented each time the event occurs. For example, you might track an each for each new subscription, each time an article is viewed, or each time a level is completed. The corresponding metrics for these events would be configured as subscriptions, articles read, and levels completed.
  • Track App Crashes
    Answers to questions about how crashes are tracked and best practices for avoiding false crashes.
  • Timed Actions
    Timed actions let you measure in-app time and total time between the start and end of an action. The SDK calculates the amount of time in session and the total time (cross-session) it takes for the action to be completed. This can be used to define segments to compare on time to purchase, pass level, checkout flow, and so on.
  • Visitor Lifetime Value
    Lifetime value lets you measure and target on a lifetime value for each user.
  • Products Variable
    The products variable cannot be set using processing rules. In the mobile SDK, you must use a special syntax within the context data parameter to set products directly on the server call.
  • Event Serialization
    Event serialization is not supported by processing rules. In the mobile SDK, you must use a special syntax within the context data parameter to set serialized events directly on the server call.
  • Video Analytics
    This guide describes measuring video on iOS using milestone video measurement.
  • Postbacks
    Postbacks let you send data collected by the SDK to a separate third-party server. Leveraging the same triggers and traits you use to display an in-app message, you can configure the SDK to send customized data to a third-party destination.
  • Analytics Methods
    List of Adobe Analytics methods provided by the iOS library.