Mobile App Acquisition

Acquisition links with unique tracking codes can be generated in Adobe Mobile services. When a user downloads and runs an app from the Apple App Store after clicking on the generated link, the SDK automatically collects and sends the acquisition data to Adobe Mobile services.

Requires SDK version 4.1 or later

Note: If you are using the iOS SDK 4.7.0 or later and the ssl setting is true in your configuration file, see Use Acquisition Builder in the Adobe Mobile Services guide for information about updating your acquisition links.

Acquisition links must be created in Adobe Mobile services. See App Acquisition Analytics.

The updates described in this section enable the SDK to send acquisition data from an acquisition link.

How to Track

Prerequisites: Add the library to your project and implement lifecycle.

  1. Import the library:
    >#import "ADBMobile.h"
  2. Verify that ADBMobileConfig.json contains the required acquisition settings:
    "acquisition": {
       "server": "",
       "appid": "0652024f-adcd-49f9-9bd7-2552a4565d2f"
    "analytics": {
      "referrerTimeout": 5,
    Note: If you are sending data to multiple report suites, use the acquisition settings (acquisition server and appid) from the app that is associated with the first report suite in your list of report suite ids.

    The acquisition settings are generated by Adobe Mobile services, and should not be changed. See Before You Start for details on how to download a customized ADBMobileConfig.json file with the acquisition settings pre-configured.

After these settings are enabled, acquisition data is sent automatically with the initial lifecycle call after the initial launch of the app.

Warning: referrerTimeout must be set to a value higher than 0 to enable app acquisition.

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