Getting Started

The Adobe Marketing Cloud Mobile libraries allow you to capture native app activity (user, usage, behavior, gestures, etc.) and forward that data to Adobe collection servers for use in Analytics reporting. Many of the libraries also include Test&Target mbox capability for A/B and multivariate testing within your mobile app, and audience measurement capabilities through Adobe AudienceManager.

The Adobe Marketing Cloud provides native SDKs to measure applications for the platforms in the following list. Mobile application optimization using Test&Target is available on iOS, Android, and Windows 8, and coming soon for other platforms:

  • iOS SDK for Marketing Cloud Solutions New 4.x version is now available. (download SDK | documentation | sample app)
  • Android SDK for Marketing Cloud Solutions New 4.x version is now available. (download SDK | documentation)
  • PhoneGap plug-in for iOS and Android (download SDK | iOS 4.x documentation | Android 4.x documentation)
  • Unity plug-in for iOS and Android is now available. (download SDK | documentation)
  • Xamarin Components for Marketing Cloud Solutions 4.x SDK is now available. (download SDK | documentation)
  • Windows 8.1 Universal App Store (download SDK | documentation)
  • OS X (download SDK | documentation)
  • BlackBerry 10 New 4.x version is now available (download SDK | documentation)

To learn more about the mobile SDKs and to download a product overview data sheet, see Adobe & mobile solutions.

Adobe Mobile Services

Adobe Mobile services provides a new user interface designed around mobile app measurement and optimization. See Adobe Mobile services to find out more.

Bloodhound - AppMeasurement QA tool

The Bloodhound app measurement QA tool displays and parses real-time hit data on app measurement implementations, ensuring proper implementation for app developers and marketing team. The hit details, hit counter, and evar/prop output features streamline the app tracking QA process. The tool can be used for apps in the development cycle or to validate live apps in the app store.

The tool focuses on mobile app measurement for iOS, Android, and Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and OS X SDK's, but has use-cases for other platforms and even desktop or mobile web.

Download Bloodhound