Marketing Cloud Visitor ID Configuration

The Marketing Cloud visitor ID service provides a universal visitor ID across Marketing Cloud solutions. The visitor ID service is required by Analytics for Target, video heartbeat, and future Marketing Cloud integrations.

Note: You do not need to populate the Marketing Cloud Visitor ID unless you are using the Marketing Cloud ID service. See Marketing Cloud Visitor ID Service for more information.

Requires SDK version 4.3 or later

How to Enable

Prerequisites: Add the library to your project and implement lifecycle.

  1. Import the library:
  2. Verify that ADBMobileConfig.json contains the marketingCloudorg:
"marketingCloud" : {
  "org": "YOUR-MCORG-ID"

Note: Marketing Cloud organization IDs uniquely identify each client company in the Adobe Marketing Cloud, and are similar to the following value: 016D5C175213CCA80A490D05@AdobeOrg. Be sure to include @AdobeOrg.

If these are not configured, download an updated ADBMobileConfig.json from Adobe Mobile services.

After configuration, a Marketing Cloud visitor ID is generated and is included on all hits. Other visitor IDs (custom and automatically-generated) continue to be sent with each hit.

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