About Adobe I/O

Adobe I/O is Adobe's developer ecosystem and community. It consists of this website, the Adobe I/O developer tools and APIsAPIs for all Adobe products, and our social media presence.

About this Site

How this site works

Adobe I/O is built using Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe I/O Runtime.

How to contribute

The Adobe I/O website is designed with openness in mind. This means that content can be edited and published by any developer at Adobe, and some content even by external contributors.

If you are at Adobe, you can log in to the Adobe I/O AEM author using Okta. Please note that the author instance is only available from inside our VPN.

For some documentation pages, we have enabled a GitHub-based contribution flow. You will see a link to the corresponding Markdown file on GitHub in the top right corner of the page, follow this link, then edit in GitHub to create a pull request. 

For all contributions, especially for technical documentation, please follow the Adobe I/O documentation style guide.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I stay up to date with Adobe I/O?

We have a number of social media sites, and we suggest you follow us on Twitter or Medium to stay in the loop.